The perfect intern

Well, I have only 7 months of experience as an intern but I can say I’m one of the best here! Too daring?! No, it’s me…I’m always like this ))) I know how to show my position, I know that I’m right, I’m almost always right… In medicine, it’s better to verify everything, even things that you hear from your older colleagues. Don’t be shy to contest an idea with your teacher, he’ll appreciate this. Finally, I like to be praised :P

Today, the Chairman gave to my friend a leaf with some text on it and said “It’s useful, read it, show it to your colleagues too…”

The perfect intern:

  1. Says only “Yes sir,” “No sir,” or “My fault, sir,” and “Yes ma’am, ” “No ma’am, ” or “My fault ma’am”
  2. Is always honest
  3. Is a team player
  4. Has a “can do” attitude
  5. Always brushes teeth before rounds
  6. Is the first to arrive and the last to leave clinic
  7. Is always clean
  8. Always makes the upper-level residents look good
  9. Teaches the students
  10. Does not scut the students too much
  11. Knows more about the patients than anyone else
  12. Is a physician and not only a scribe
  13. Is never late
  14. Never complains
  15. Is never hungry, thirsty, or tired
  16. Is always enthusiastic
  17. Follows the chain of command.

There were also some thoughts for interns to live by :

1. “They can hurt but they can’t stop the clock.”
Internship lasts only 5 years…not so much )))

2. “Never trust your brain.”
Write everything down, do not trust anything to your memory, and check off your chores when completed.

3. “Load the boat.”
Inform your superiors when a patient is not doing well or if you have any questions. That way, if your patient’s condition worsens (a proverbial sinking ship), you have loaded the ship with your superiors and they will go down with you.

Simply: honesty is the best policy.

After reading this, I wonder how much of these things could be ascribed to me and which of them the Chairman would like us to pay attention to.

P.S. I don’t say I’m the perfect intern, but I’d like to. We should always strive for perfection in everything we do.


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  1. glad to meet another person who don t believe in fate.
    (stiu,nu are nici o legatura cu postarea)

  2. nu-i asta cel mai important, fie si fara legatura…)))

  3. never hungry, tired or thirsty ?:))))
    good advice …I hope I could follow them.

  4. even if you are, you should never show this…)))
    good luck!

  5. intern la medicina?

  6. yeap! in romana se numeste Rezident…

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